This morning I ended up having a fight with my mother. I reached home late night at about 1:30 am and started everything.I sat down with my laptop and started playing games I don’t know how the time passed and when I saw on the clock it was 6:00 am.

I live in a hostel in Mumbai and I came home after two months.My mother was overwhelmed to see me and she was kind off acting like Bollywood film mothers who cry as if I came from some another country.That day she wanted to talk with me and wanted to share her happiness and the things which I have missed in these two months.She started by saying that you have become so thin in these two months just like other Indian mothers.We started talking with each other and suddenly the new game in my laptop tempted me and ended up playing the game till six in the morning.

My mom like the other moms who are anxious about their child told me that “we have sent you for studies and you are playing games late night, I think this is the same thing you might be doing at your hostel”.She told me to take away my laptop from me.If I were in the hostel there would me no one to tell me anything.Those living in the hostel will relate this point.

Hostel Vs Home

A hostel is a home away from home. But it depends on anyone’s perspective how they view hostel. A hostelite will agree with the fact that when we are at the hostel we miss our mom’s food the most and when we are at home we miss our freedom the most.for me, there are many advantages of being a hosteler.

At the hostel we don’t follow the principle of “early to bed early to rise “, we sleep late at nights and get up late in the morning.Being so close to college we hostelities are the one’s who enter late in the classroom. If the lecture is at 8.10 then we wake up at 8.05 and get ready and take breakfast and reach the lecture by 8.40 many times we are not allowed to attend the lectures. While we at our home have to sleep early and we have our own alarm clock our mom’s waking up early in the morning.

At the hostel we keep our clothes piled and there is no one to tell us, but at home, we have to clean our almirah weekly.Most of us don’t bath for two to three days as we have our powerful tool which helps us is the deodorant.The thing we fear only is our mess food.A mess is a place where they have the tempting menu and they serve you with the food which has lots of oil and spices.It’s like expectation vs reality thing.The rice is not properly cooked and sometimes they add new dishes to their menu which the chef itself is making for the first time and we act as food tasters for them.

People think that we at hostel don’t enjoy much but let me tell you we are the one’s who enjoy the most.We have parties at hostel , we enjoy each and every festival such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri.We get to meet people from different places they share their own ideas and in this way we are able to build new connections and get knowledge.


Living in the hostel means having a head the non-hostelites who plead us to do their work and keep their sheets with us which they find it difficult to carry with them.Living away from home we are able to manage things and we are able to find solutions to the difficult situations. We don’t get anything served so we also inculcate new talents which were not possible at home. We have an edge on others in many ways as we are able to do many things which the non- hostelities find difficult to do.

During exams everyone becomes sincere. We have many studios guys who are there to solve our doubts. We can study in groups and sometimes we get to know the important questions which would come in exam.At home a day before exam we don’t have friends to clear our doubts and very often we get questions which are likely to come in exam.Living in a hostel is like experiencing new things and facing challenges and taking our own decisions.We hostelities have unity and we support each other in need.

During vacations when I am at home suddenly from nowhere the laziness comes inside me and I feel boring.I have nothing to do whole-day I watch TV like couch -potato. At hostel at least there is something to do there are friends or I am engaged in work.At the hostel, I am sprier at the hostel than at home.If we have nothing to do we play, we laugh with each other.

Hostel life is a new phase in our life.Living a life different from our normal life. Where life throws challenges on you and you have to cross you comfort zones to achieve something . Hostel helps us to learn things but in different manner. It makes us standout different as a person.













Not so long back in 2014 the government of India launched a new scheme named Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna which encouraged people to open their bank accounts and that could be done even with zero balance.This scheme got huge response on the day of inaugration 1.5 crore (15 million) accounts were opened.But many choose to remain unccounted.

In September of 2016  the government of India which gave oppourtunity to the Indian citizens to discolose their undisclosed assets not only that but the government promised that no questions would be asked to the person who discloses their income,but many preferred not  to disclose.

On 9th November the Prime Minister announced demonetization of 500 and 1000 rs notes which means that all 500 and 1000 rs notes were no longer leagal to perform any financial trade.But the notes were allowed to be exchanged and deposited from the banks ,postoffice with in 50 days .

Soon after demonetization was announced public  rushed to banks to exchange money .For two days banks were closed and when banks opened huge crowd was seen in queues to exchange old notes and deposit money.


This major step of Indian government is to curb corrupt practices ,funding of terrorists and also the circulation of illegal currency notes .Demonetisation will boast bank deposits and savings which will replace the high cost of borrowing and lower the overall cost of funds.It will also help in financial inclusion ,it will help the  people with new accounts  to inculcate banking habits of which they are unaware off.It will make Indians digital and now everyone will transfer to plastic money i.e smart cards.The difficult time for the people came who had undisclosed income and corrupt earings.

The Indian government has taken a great initiative to merge parallel economy into mainstream economy.However by this desicion the government has faced huge critisicsm specially by poor and uneducated class people who don’t understand how important this initiative is for the Indian economy for long run.

This decision is also to shut up the foreign media who have false information about Indain corruption ,the same media fails to tell that the government of India was encouraging its citizens to open bank account from long  which people failed to open.

Even after demonetization the government is still encouraging people to open bank accounts and receive salary in banks and in this way making citizens digital.This move is benifitial for small wage worker for example worker earning daily wages their salaries will be on time the will be able to complain to the concerned authorities in case of non payment by the employer .Not only that they will be able to enjoy the benifits of industrial act and will be able to have Providient Fund (PF)  .They will also enjoy free mediacal treatments from  the Employee’s State Insurance Coorperation and government colleges.

Due to demonetisation all kind of big and small crimes have almost stopped.Due to demonetisation we will not see the changs in the country’s economy overnight ,but this will surely lead to bigger tax to the government which will help India to grow at faster pace due to big Infrastructural Developements .Bigger revenues means bigger budgets and bigger budgets means bigger growth.

There are drawback of this desicion too-

Firstly the government of India has made an ammendment in the Anti- Corruption act according to which the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) can’t investigate any government offical on corruption charges which means the CBI can’t investigate any central government employee from peon to higher post official without any authourity.

Secondly from now there is an exemption that if money is from donation boxes of temples the government will not ask any questions .This will make a temple a money laundring hub.

There are proofs that some people knew about this scheme and so they used their money to buy assets .

According to government the demonetisation will help to restrain the corruption practices ,but with the coming of higher denomination notes the corruption practices are going to be increased as higher denomination notes will be easy to carry and the police could not catch the person easily.It is said that the countries with higher denomination notes the corruption practice are more likely to increase.

Lastly problem faced by people . People have to stand in long queues to deposit or withdraw money from bank .They are facing serious problems .Most of ATMs allow the withdrawal of only 2000rs notes.And people can withdraw only once from any ATM in a single day.

As every coin has two sides ,likewise this demonetisation can be taken in both postive and negative ways .It depends on from person to person depending on their situation .According to me “Something which is forced does not last for long”.It may be benificial for some people but as it is forced and at the same time people are facing problems so this demonetisation process does not stand on ones expectations.


After the 12th class results were announced I was so exited for experiencing college life.After rounds of admission I got admitted to a college in Mumbai.I shifted to Mumbai and started living in an hostel. My first day at college was awesome and got to meet new people and made new friends.

What  I thought college life is-

For me college life was something which is like a different world.Unlike schools I used to think that I can bunk classes ,attendence is no more an issue .No study and only fun .Study only before day of exam.But that is not true.

What college life actually is –

College life phew!! All the dream world in which I used to live in got faded away.The real life was started the life full of competition ,full of hard work and everyone in college has only one aim to get placement in dream companies .

Every thing in college is seen as if helicopter throwing food packets during the flood and people fighting for food and you have to be fast as cheetah to get your food (to achieve what others don’t)and you have to be active and grab each and every oppurtunity you get.
As I was from a small city ,I saw everyone having loads of talents. Most of them have so much of confidience and have leadership qualities in them.Most of people in Mumbai travel by local trains and still they are loaded with energy .Students here are multitaskers and most of them have done internships before first year.Every day is you have to do something different and of course everyday by doing differnt things you learn more.
Those who told me that in college we don’t have to study and there is no worry of attendence were fools .We have more exam in college than in schools .Everyone  has only one fear of getting an ATKT .The school days were tension free where no one was worried about getting a KT.But in college apart from  studies we have to focus on other activities too.Although everybody studies few days befire exam.

College days are crucial  days in our life as they are the major  deciding factor of our life .Apart from studies we have to polish our talents as they are useful to get us in other activities.When we go for placement interviews the companies not only see our marks but also the extra curricular activites of which we were part of whether any intership or any other college activities.

College has taught me-

Apart from throwing challanges college life has taught me many things.

  • Every thing happens for a good cause .
  • Life is full of ups and downs ,when one door closes another door opens .
  • Life gives you second chance to rectify your mistakes .
  • No one is permanent in life,everyone is temperory.
  • God throws challenges on you to make you strong.
  • Everyday you have to learn something .
  • Harwork pays off.

    College inspired me to think differently its like no other time in your life.


    On 9th November the most awited results of USA Presidential Elections results were announced on which the whole world had eye on.

    The Republican Party nominee businessman Donald Trump ,and his running mate , Governor of Indiana Mike Pence,defeated the  Democratic Party nominee , Secretary of State and former Senator Hillary Clinton,and her running mate ,Senator  Tim Kaine of  Virginia

    The results were in favour of Mr .Donald Trump . As soon as results were announced protests against Mr.Trump started in many parts of USA.

    As Mr.Trump has policies which are not liked by people of America.Some of these include the construction of wall between Mexico and Usa which he tells the money will be given by Mexico , he does not support LGBTQ  rights .

    On the contrary Mrs.Clinton supports LGBTQ rights and also supports women and minority hiring.

    Historically when the world has witnessed strong national women leaders like Indira Gandhi ,Margraet Thatcher ,Angela Merkel the United States with is histrory of 44 male presidents is yet to have its female president.

    The major role in Mr.Trumps victory is electoral college .

    What is electoral college ?

    The United States Electoral College  is a body that elect the President and Vice Presient every four years .Citizens don’t directly elect the President and Vice President instead they choose “electors” who pledge to vote for a candidate of a particular party.
    Each state gets to choose as many electors as combined total of the number of senators and representative.The District of Columbia gets three electors others get depending on their population .There are currently 538 electors corrosponding to  435 representatives and 100 senators in the House of Reprsentative and Senate plus three electors from District of Columbia.

    A candidate who receives majority of electoral vote is elected as President or Vice President . A candidate should get atleast 270 elecctoral votes  to win the election.Mr .Trump got 306 electoral votes while Mrs. Clinton got 232 electoral votes .

    What if no one gets majoriy?

    If no candiate receives a majority of Electoral votes ,the House of Representative selects President from the three Presidential Candidates who received more electoral votes .Each state deligation has one vote.

     But there could still be a tie .

    Ofcourse there could be tie in the election of President and Vice President then 12th Amendment comes in rescue.This amendtment states that if the House has ,for any reason ,failed to select a new President by Inaugurqtion Day, the vice -president elect serves as acting president until the issue is resolved in the House.House keeps on voting until the tie breakes.

    If senate has failed to break 50-50 tie for vice president,the the Speaker of House will serve as acting president until tie votes in both the house and senate have been broken.