After the 12th class results were announced I was so exited for experiencing college life.After rounds of admission I got admitted to a college in Mumbai.I shifted to Mumbai and started living in an hostel. My first day at college was awesome and got to meet new people and made new friends.

What  I thought college life is-

For me college life was something which is like a different world.Unlike schools I used to think that I can bunk classes ,attendence is no more an issue .No study and only fun .Study only before day of exam.But that is not true.

What college life actually is –

College life phew!! All the dream world in which I used to live in got faded away.The real life was started the life full of competition ,full of hard work and everyone in college has only one aim to get placement in dream companies .

Every thing in college is seen as if helicopter throwing food packets during the flood and people fighting for food and you have to be fast as cheetah to get your food (to achieve what others don’t)and you have to be active and grab each and every oppurtunity you get.
As I was from a small city ,I saw everyone having loads of talents. Most of them have so much of confidience and have leadership qualities in them.Most of people in Mumbai travel by local trains and still they are loaded with energy .Students here are multitaskers and most of them have done internships before first year.Every day is you have to do something different and of course everyday by doing differnt things you learn more.
Those who told me that in college we don’t have to study and there is no worry of attendence were fools .We have more exam in college than in schools .Everyone  has only one fear of getting an ATKT .The school days were tension free where no one was worried about getting a KT.But in college apart from  studies we have to focus on other activities too.Although everybody studies few days befire exam.

College days are crucial  days in our life as they are the major  deciding factor of our life .Apart from studies we have to polish our talents as they are useful to get us in other activities.When we go for placement interviews the companies not only see our marks but also the extra curricular activites of which we were part of whether any intership or any other college activities.

College has taught me-

Apart from throwing challanges college life has taught me many things.

  • Every thing happens for a good cause .
  • Life is full of ups and downs ,when one door closes another door opens .
  • Life gives you second chance to rectify your mistakes .
  • No one is permanent in life,everyone is temperory.
  • God throws challenges on you to make you strong.
  • Everyday you have to learn something .
  • Harwork pays off.

    College inspired me to think differently its like no other time in your life.



    On 9th November the most awited results of USA Presidential Elections results were announced on which the whole world had eye on.

    The Republican Party nominee businessman Donald Trump ,and his running mate , Governor of Indiana Mike Pence,defeated the  Democratic Party nominee , Secretary of State and former Senator Hillary Clinton,and her running mate ,Senator  Tim Kaine of  Virginia

    The results were in favour of Mr .Donald Trump . As soon as results were announced protests against Mr.Trump started in many parts of USA.

    As Mr.Trump has policies which are not liked by people of America.Some of these include the construction of wall between Mexico and Usa which he tells the money will be given by Mexico , he does not support LGBTQ  rights .

    On the contrary Mrs.Clinton supports LGBTQ rights and also supports women and minority hiring.

    Historically when the world has witnessed strong national women leaders like Indira Gandhi ,Margraet Thatcher ,Angela Merkel the United States with is histrory of 44 male presidents is yet to have its female president.

    The major role in Mr.Trumps victory is electoral college .

    What is electoral college ?

    The United States Electoral College  is a body that elect the President and Vice Presient every four years .Citizens don’t directly elect the President and Vice President instead they choose “electors” who pledge to vote for a candidate of a particular party.
    Each state gets to choose as many electors as combined total of the number of senators and representative.The District of Columbia gets three electors others get depending on their population .There are currently 538 electors corrosponding to  435 representatives and 100 senators in the House of Reprsentative and Senate plus three electors from District of Columbia.

    A candidate who receives majority of electoral vote is elected as President or Vice President . A candidate should get atleast 270 elecctoral votes  to win the election.Mr .Trump got 306 electoral votes while Mrs. Clinton got 232 electoral votes .

    What if no one gets majoriy?

    If no candiate receives a majority of Electoral votes ,the House of Representative selects President from the three Presidential Candidates who received more electoral votes .Each state deligation has one vote.

     But there could still be a tie .

    Ofcourse there could be tie in the election of President and Vice President then 12th Amendment comes in rescue.This amendtment states that if the House has ,for any reason ,failed to select a new President by Inaugurqtion Day, the vice -president elect serves as acting president until the issue is resolved in the House.House keeps on voting until the tie breakes.

    If senate has failed to break 50-50 tie for vice president,the the Speaker of House will serve as acting president until tie votes in both the house and senate have been broken.