This morning I ended up having a fight with my mother. I reached home late night at about 1:30 am and started everything.I sat down with my laptop and started playing games I don’t know how the time passed and when I saw on the clock it was 6:00 am.

I live in a hostel in Mumbai and I came home after two months.My mother was overwhelmed to see me and she was kind off acting like Bollywood film mothers who cry as if I came from some another country.That day she wanted to talk with me and wanted to share her happiness and the things which I have missed in these two months.She started by saying that you have become so thin in these two months just like other Indian mothers.We started talking with each other and suddenly the new game in my laptop tempted me and ended up playing the game till six in the morning.

My mom like the other moms who are anxious about their child told me that “we have sent you for studies and you are playing games late night, I think this is the same thing you might be doing at your hostel”.She told me to take away my laptop from me.If I were in the hostel there would me no one to tell me anything.Those living in the hostel will relate this point.

Hostel Vs Home

A hostel is a home away from home. But it depends on anyone’s perspective how they view hostel. A hostelite will agree with the fact that when we are at the hostel we miss our mom’s food the most and when we are at home we miss our freedom the most.for me, there are many advantages of being a hosteler.

At the hostel we don’t follow the principle of “early to bed early to rise “, we sleep late at nights and get up late in the morning.Being so close to college we hostelities are the one’s who enter late in the classroom. If the lecture is at 8.10 then we wake up at 8.05 and get ready and take breakfast and reach the lecture by 8.40 many times we are not allowed to attend the lectures. While we at our home have to sleep early and we have our own alarm clock our mom’s waking up early in the morning.

At the hostel we keep our clothes piled and there is no one to tell us, but at home, we have to clean our almirah weekly.Most of us don’t bath for two to three days as we have our powerful tool which helps us is the deodorant.The thing we fear only is our mess food.A mess is a place where they have the tempting menu and they serve you with the food which has lots of oil and spices.It’s like expectation vs reality thing.The rice is not properly cooked and sometimes they add new dishes to their menu which the chef itself is making for the first time and we act as food tasters for them.

People think that we at hostel don’t enjoy much but let me tell you we are the one’s who enjoy the most.We have parties at hostel , we enjoy each and every festival such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri.We get to meet people from different places they share their own ideas and in this way we are able to build new connections and get knowledge.


Living in the hostel means having a head the non-hostelites who plead us to do their work and keep their sheets with us which they find it difficult to carry with them.Living away from home we are able to manage things and we are able to find solutions to the difficult situations. We don’t get anything served so we also inculcate new talents which were not possible at home. We have an edge on others in many ways as we are able to do many things which the non- hostelities find difficult to do.

During exams everyone becomes sincere. We have many studios guys who are there to solve our doubts. We can study in groups and sometimes we get to know the important questions which would come in exam.At home a day before exam we don’t have friends to clear our doubts and very often we get questions which are likely to come in exam.Living in a hostel is like experiencing new things and facing challenges and taking our own decisions.We hostelities have unity and we support each other in need.

During vacations when I am at home suddenly from nowhere the laziness comes inside me and I feel boring.I have nothing to do whole-day I watch TV like couch -potato. At hostel at least there is something to do there are friends or I am engaged in work.At the hostel, I am sprier at the hostel than at home.If we have nothing to do we play, we laugh with each other.

Hostel life is a new phase in our life.Living a life different from our normal life. Where life throws challenges on you and you have to cross you comfort zones to achieve something . Hostel helps us to learn things but in different manner. It makes us standout different as a person.